Hardisty Manor make over considered

Mayor Doug Irving attended the Flagstaff Regional Housing Group meeting held in Forestburg on Dec. 5. and brought up the possibility of repurposing the Hardisty Manor in to mixed affordable housing.
“Rooms are under utilized, that building is in good shape,” were a couple of the comments Irving made when council discussed ideas for potentially remodeling the Manor to make it more attractive to seniors and perhaps having some rooms set aside for other ages as well.
The Mayor would like to involve a small group of local seniors, others who would like to participate as well and get their input and opinions on the idea so he can get a clear view of what the Hardisty and District wants and needs.
He will then can present the information at the next Flagstaff Regional Housing Group meeting which will be held in the first quarter of the new year.

Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society
The new Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society is requesting a total of $20,000 between the nine communities involved to be used as seed money to help implement and draft bylaws, pay for consultation fees and other costs that occur when starting up a new society.
Hardisty’s contribution would be $2,200 which is the $20,000 request divided equally by the nine communities.
Although the council agrees on the importance of this society to deliver fire and rescue services in the Flagstaff county some felt with varying populations, perhaps a fee structure should be based on a per capita basis.
Council discussed the request at length and a vote was taken with a tie vote being the outcome.
Coun. Roger Gaetzman has an upcoming meeting with the society and will inform them of council’s decision and work on a resolution going forward.

Holiday Train
The holiday train celebrations on Dec 5 were a success with many people from Hardisty and area coming out to view the train.
Over 1500 1bs. of food and $8,000 in monetary donations were collected for the local food bank during the celebrations.
“So glad they picked that extra route” commented Deputy Mayor Dean Lane when council discussed the day’s events.

Emergency management
Coun. Gaetzman attended the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) Summit in Edmonton on Dec. 5-6.
He felt it was an excellent two days and the Telus session was very informative as it described services they have available that can help if an emergency or disaster should occur.
Telus has Cells on Wheels (COWS) and these systems can hook in to an existing Telus tower and expand their service temporarily.

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