Hardisty council Investigating possibility for new town signs

“Let’s bring some “wow” into the town,” said Justine Ness in her request to Hardisty town council on Jan. 23 for funds and ideas for signs at both entrances to Hardisty.
Council will take the request into consideration at their budget meeting on Feb. 3.
Ness, along with Anita Miller of the Beautification committee presented two rough ideas designed by Hi Signs but now require permission to proceed with more input and fundraising to fund actual engineered designs.
The committee was also hopeful of a fence along the east and west side of the entrance to prevent people from driving down into the ditch, however Chief Administrative Officer, Sandy Otto stated, Alberta Transportation will only approve our municipal sign along their highways 13 and 881.
Since Hwy 881 goes through Hardisty, Alberta Transportation has asked that all the business signs along the fence from Hwy 13 into town be removed.
Mayor Doug Irving noted the Chamber of Commerce had looked into the blue signs by Alberta Transportation but found them to be a very expensive annual fee.
“It’s none of the government’s business,” said Deputy Mayor Dean Lane in frustration, adding “Let’s start billing Alberta Transportation for cutting [the grass] in their ditch.”
CAO Otto explained it was a liability for the town having signs that causes distractions and noted they also makes it look junky.
“I guess it is what it is, but I don’t agree to it,” concluded Lane.

Interagency Partnership
Council approved a motion to pay their share in the Flagstaff Interagency Partnership in a 3 – 1 vote, for $8465.90.
CAO Otto explained fees are based on equalized assessment and Hardisty’s share being larger is due to Hardisty’s non-residential assessment being considerably higher than other communities involved.
“We would hope that once regional governance starts, we won’t need FIP,” stated Otto.
Lane responded, “It’s going to take years to recoup that money…..
Other community assessments were: Alliance $737.39; Daysland $6339.62; Flagstaff County $37,640.14; Forestburg $5501.60;  Heisler $678.93; Killam $8161.35; Lougheed $1393.29 and Sedgewick $7581.76.

Council approved the motion for first reading to change property on the south east corner of Hardisty to Highway Commercial and Highway Industrial so that the owner can apply for subdividing.
Presently the land is Urban Reserve and subdivisions are not permitted under that designation.
A public hearing will be held prior to final approval.

Fire chief succession
Coun. Roger Gaetzman reported on concerns raised that they did not have fire department volunteers trained to take over a fire chief position.
Moving forward with FIP, that will not be a problem for the future as it will likely be a regional fire chief, said CAO Otto.

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