Hardisty and District Public Library request for additional funding for 2017

Careful consideration and thought for the community was given by the town council when they decided to approve the Hardisty and District Public Library board funding request for $6,370 for their 2017 operating budget.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandy Otto acknowledged the staff and the library by saying they were “extremely dedicated and it’s an important service.”
With this financial funding, council stipulated that the Library provides council with their 2018 Budget Plan by Dec. 1, 2017 and they submit a three to five year business plan that outlines in detail the programs and services they want to deliver and estimate any revenues that these may generate.
Council would also like to see a more comprehensive report that depicts daily utilization rates, types of communications that are being done with the school library and an evaluation on the operating hours of the library to see if they are meeting the public’s needs.
The Town of Hardisty subsidizes the library in other ways by not charging rent on the building, providing maintenance and upgrades, not charging for water and sewer and paying for the property insurance on the building which is approximately $1200 a year.
Looking forward into the new year, council is eager to collaborate with the library in a positive manner and help them in anyway they need, whether it be assisting with a business plan or discussing ways the library can be more viable.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (A.U.M.A)
Councillors attended the recent AUMA convention in Calgary and all had positive comments to make on the seminars they attended.
“Attending the AUMA I thought was beneficial,” Coun. Connie Beringer stated .
The seminars on Legalization of Cannabis in Alberta and ‘Whose Council is it anyways’ – The good, the bad and the ugly of council roles of conduct, were two seminars mentioned.
Age demographics were more noticeable this year with many more young adults in attendance.
“Good to see the young people involved,” said Coun. Penny Wurz.

Watershed Alliance
The Council approved a request from the Battle River and Sounding Creek Watershed Alliance to make a commitment of 50 cents per capita which will provide a total of $319.50 that will be used for watershed education, stewardship and planning.
The Watershed Alliance has completed an Atlas called Traversing Terrain and Experience Atlas ($70) and the council will buy one to use for research as well as donating one to the local library.

Lisa Bye
ECA Review


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