Hard to believe Canada has so much poverty

Dear Editor,

Canada has always been known as the Food Basket of the World. 

Something awful wrong has happened this year. We are seeing thousands of people having to get their Christmas dinner from the Food Banks. 

The big corporations and banks are sitting on billions or trillions that they don’t know what to do with, in my opinion, and the ordinary people are trying to live on handouts. 

Something is wrong with this picture, Eh! And it’s not just caused by the pandemic because most people were just a half a paycheque away from a catastrophe before this happened. 

How has the country been allowed to get so far out of balance, and what is the answer? 

Well, for one thing, I believe the first step would be a guaranteed minimum wage. 

We are working over half a year just to pay our taxes. It’s time us bottom feeders were elevated a bit higher up on the food chain. 

The Food Banks can’t keep trying to do the job of the grocery stores forever. 

I would say this is one disgraceful situation for a country like Canada to be in. I

f we don’t get a guaranteed minimum wage soon, there will be more people out in the streets begging or maybe even looting the stores. It might make the Dirty Thirties look pretty good. 

We can’t blame this on any one government because we’ve had many different governments and they have all screwed the country up because they have never worked for the ordinary person. 

They have always looked after the banks and the corporations who donated the most money to their political party! 

Maybe it’s time the poor people of the world filed a “Class Action Lawsuit” against the Government, Banks and the Corporations to get a fair share of the wealth in our great country. 

It’s hard to believe in a country like Canada that has an abundance of almost everything, that we have so much poverty.


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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