Harassed regularly

Dear Editor, 

I am an 88-year-old female who lives alone in the small town of Botha, Alta. 

Since July of last year I have been harassed regularly in sometimes the most vile way. For example people urinating on my doorstep and doorway to my garage.

My problem is that I had a head injury. Since then I am treated like an imbecile and no one wants to believe me when I report incidents that are occurring around my residence.

However, the last week or so my place has been robbed of artworks, done by myself, as well as some jewellery that was designated for my only granddaughter. Also, because I can’t go shopping often, I stock up on some things. Now, things like Kleenex as well as blocks of cheese are being stolen, too.

I believe I know who is responsible for these ‘events.’ However, I have no proof so I am left helpless and since the art theft, crying.

In order to keep this letter as short as possible, I say: If you know anything or think you may know, please report it to the police. 

I am crying over my creations being stolen.


Marrian Bertin

Botha, Alta.

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