Happy to let Christianity take the fall

Dear Editor,

So to anyone who still believes that Trudeau and the Liberals do not hold a far reaching and, in my opinion, a dark agenda regarding their so called “Great Reset”, just consider for a moment the words uttered by Trudeau’s sidekick, Gerald Butts, in reference to the scourge of Christian church burnings happening across the country. 

Butts tweeted, “It’s Understandable”. 

Using those words, in my opinion, puts his blessing upon criminal arsonists for avenging the indigenous mass grave sites uncovered in connection with the infamous Catholic residential schools. 

In Calgary, a few nights ago, even a non-Catholic Protestant Church was torched. 

It has now become a free for all attack on any and all Christian churches while Trudeau casually looks on paying only sparse lip service. 

“This is not the way”, he commented, easily interpreted to imply that perhaps there might be some other way to undermine and destroy Christianity. 

When I first heard Trudeau comment on the grave sites he passionately growled out his utter disgust and outrage, in my opinion,  outwardly attempting to fuel the anger. 

He used such words as “atrocities” and “genocide”, doing his best to make it sound like wholesale mass murder. 

He conveniently omitted the fact that these deaths were caused by the prevalent diseases of the times such as Tuberculosis, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Meningitis and Polio. Diseases which many White school children also lost their lives too. 

Trudeau also neglected to mention that Catholic Schools were performing a service at the behest of the Canadian Federal Government – both Conservative and Liberal governments. But his ilk are clearly happy to let Christianity take the fall.

Trudeau is poised to win the next Federal election probably even to form a majority government. He will never be my prime minister.


By Lee Hudson, Calgary/Brownfield, Alta. 

Hudson has led a double life as a millwright  and self-described worn out country singer and accomplished literary skills of a song writer and short story writer.

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