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At the regular Council meeting of the Town of Hanna on August 13, 2013, CAO Kim Neill advised paving of the Centennial Place Parking lot and 300 block of 1st Avenue East will start this week with completion expected in mid-September. The majority of the funds are grants from the Province of Alberta Municipal Sustainability Initiative ($414,266), Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program ($193,427) and Town of Hanna Operating Reserves ($152,408).


“Our crews were out and did the best they could with the situation and most residents were very understanding,” said Neill, when commenting on the August 12th rainstorm.  “We had more rain than the system could handle and a couple of the weaker areas had flooding.”  The Fire Department was also very active due to numerous lightning strikes.  Mayor Mark Nikota thanked Public Works for their quick efforts and the people of Hanna for their understanding.

CN Right-of-Way

“We want to be able to properly maintain the CN property right-of-way but can’t until CN does some mediation work,” said Adrian Mohl, Director of Protective Services.  The property is overgrown with grass, willows and seedlings hiding soil contamination, metals, wood, RR ties and other debris.  Mohl is hopeful that progress will now be made after CN officials appointed Wade Englesby of Tervita Co. to look at doing an environmental cleanup. A meeting and tour of the property has already been made by Englesby.

Longeway Subdivision

Tender documents for the Longeway Subdivision will be finished this week with closing on August 30th. A decision to award the tender will be made at the September Council meeting and it is anticipated underground work will be done this fall. A recommendation on lot pricing and marketing strategy will be brought by Administration to Council at their October meeting.

Utility Costs

“It’s a complicated energy situation”, said CAO Kim Neill when asking for, and receiving approval to enter into the master agreement with AMSC Energy. AMSC is a subsidiary of AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association).  By aggregating consumption, municipalities have an opportunity to get a better price for gas and electricity which helps offset the steeply rising distribution costs.

Alberta Farm Safety

Council voted down a request by Alberta Farm Safety for a $300 donation in support of the province-wide farm safety program.  Although money would be available in the Public Relations budget, it was agreed that it did not fall within the Town’s responsibility, but was more appropriately a rural item.

Election Items

A motion was passed to set the fee for election officers at $200 which includes training and the election. If recounts are necessary, an additional $30 will be paid.  Lunch and dinner are provided.

Special arrangements can be made for incapacitated electors, those who are unable to physically make it to a poll.  Those individuals must register their names with the Town Office and special election officers will bring the ballot to them.  Regular polling stations will not be set up at hospitals, seniors’ lodges, manors or nursing homes.

A motion was also passed to hold the Advanced Poll on Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 12 noon to 6:30 p.m.

News Bytes

The swimming pool will close on August 29, 2013.

Once again the CN Roundhouse building has been breached and unauthorized activity is taking place inside.  The owner has agreed to hire a contractor to close up the building and make it secure.

Marguerite Wilson has announced her retirement as CAO of the Acadia Foundation effective the end of this year. Councillor Charles Girard advised recruitment for a new CAO will begin.

Hanna’s sister city in Japan, Wake, will be bringing two delegates through on August 25 – 27 with the intent of revitalizing student exchanges between the two communities.

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