Hanna students fight back against bullying

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Alarming results came out of the Safe School Survey conducted in October, 2012 on bullying at JC Charyk School in Hanna. Students, staff and parents were polled.
Statistics reveal that bullying is a real and present problem at JC Charyk School and at schools across Alberta.
But there are people, specifically students, who are taking action to do something about bullying in their community.
As a result of this survey, the Safe Community Committee was created, comprised of students at JC Charyk Hanna School, Town of Hanna FCSS, Hanna Learning Centre, Project REACH and Hanna Primary School.
“There are amazing kids in our community who really care about their peers,” said Brenda Karg, family resource worker at JC Charyk School. “And who want to be agents of change in our schools.”
Bullying has proven to be an issue in Hanna in recent months, following the new Town of Hanna Bullying by-law which allows RCMP to take action on reported offenses, without relying strictly on the criminal code.
Here are some of the statistics that came out of the Safe School Survey:
• 77 per cent of students said they had seen or heard students bully other students physically at least once or twice in the four weeks prior to when the survey was conducted.
• 41 per cent of students reported they think bullying is a normal part of being a kid.
• 86 per cent of teachers agreed that bullying is a serious problem at their school.
• 19 per cent of students did not report being bullied because they felt threatened or afraid.
• 65 per cent of parents surveyed reported their child was never bullied physically at school in the four weeks prior to the survey.
• 37 per cent of parents do not report bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination to the school.
The Safe Community Committee will meet for the first time on June 10, 2013 at 7 p.m. at JC Charyk School.  Students from the school will present data and research they’ve conducted on bullying to members at the Safe Community Committee meeting. The intention of this meeting is to create community awareness and understanding around the concerns of bullying.

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