Hanna Special Areas Board employees ratify three-year agreement

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Special Areas Board employees in Hanna have ratified a mediator’s recommendation for a new three-year agreement, including wage increases in every year of the agreement.
“This is agreement is good for our members and good for the employer,” said AUPE President Guy Smith.
“The wage increases in the agreement will help employees keep up with wage trends in Alberta, and that helps the Special Areas Board in Hanna retain experienced staff,” he explained.
The agreement provides 2.75-per-cent wage increases effective Jan. 1 of 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as market adjustments that will ensure employees’ wages keep pace with projected increases in Alberta Average Weekly Earnings.
Operator classifications making up the majority of employees will also receive a two-per-cent market adjustment effective the first month after ratification of the agreement and a further two-per-cent market adjustment effective January 1, 2014.
Certain assessor classifications will also receive market adjustments of four per cent, while the fire chief classification will receive a five per cent market adjustment. These market adjustments are effective the first day of the month following ratification of the agreement by both parties.
Other improvements include increases in boot allowance, a new step added to the wage grid providing a four-per-cent increase to approximately 90 employees over the next two years, and an increase of $250 to the health spending account.
“It was a difficult negotiation, but we got a result that reflects the job market in Alberta and delivers employees reasonable improvements in their compensation,” said AUPE Negotiator Ken Cutrell.

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