Hanna Roundhouse Society’s role in fishing derby  

Dear Editor,

There appears to be some misunderstandings to the involvement of the Hanna Roundhouse Society (HRS) in last year’s Sept. 26, 2020 Carp Fishing Derby at the Hanna CN Reservoir.  I will try to clarify.

The Hanna Roundhouse Society property is adjacent to the CN Reservoir and access to the reservoir from the west cuts through the HRS property.  

When I found out the HUB was planning a Street Market for the “Rodeo” weekend, I thought “how nice it would be to have another event for our community” and the fishing derby was initiated.

Consultations were had with Hanna’s chief administration officer for use of the CN Reservoir; permission by the landowner of property along the reservoir and the east access; with Hanna’s Fish and Wildlife Officer, Mr. Neufeld for permission and instructions to host a fishing derby event; and the HRS Board and members for volunteers for the event.

Support was given by all for proceeding.

Generous donors provided for five “Hanna Buck” draws, awarded to one participant drawn from each of the five fishing categories.  

The expenses of property preparation  east of the HRS property and along the spillway,  gathering information about the CN Reservoir and Prussian Carp,  private property signage and participant instructions were covered privately.  There was also business support and assistance from the Hanna Hub.

Although no fish were caught, this may have been due to the time of year.  However, this event filled a void in our community and participants enjoyed this space!  

I had discussions with participants, volunteers and the Fish and Wildlife Officer about restocking the CN Reservoir; all seemed very supportive, with some offering to help.

So, this was how the HRS was involved with the 2020 Hanna Carp Fishing Derby and where stocking the CN Reservoir came from.  

The motivation behind it was: To provide another activity with the Hanna street market event since the Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo rodeo weekend was cancelled due to COVID; To provide an awareness of Carp in the CN Reservoir and see if any Carp could be removed; To see if there was interest in fishing and stocking the CN Reservoir and; To bring awareness to the Hanna Roundhouse Society.

 Even though the HRS was unable to host events in our roundhouse, we could still offer our property and volunteers and host an event for our community.

If the CN Reservoir is stocked with native fish, it is highly unlikely the HRS would hold future fishing derby’s.


Sandra Beaudoin,

Hanna Roundhouse Society President

Town of Hanna Councillor 

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