Hanna Primary School to be demolished

The Prairie Land School Board defeated a motion that would have the initiative as presented by Sandra Beaudoin that the Hanna Primary School be repurposed as part of a bigger project that would enhance the Hanna Roundhouse Society.

The Board decided to keep the Hanna Primary School within the scope of the project as identified by Alberta Infrastructure, which will call for the demolition and removal of the building upon completion of the J.C. Charyk modernization.

School playground

The board granted financial assistance to the Hanna Community School Enhancement Society (HCSES) financial for the new playground equipment to be installed in the spring of 2017 at J.C. Charyk Hanna School. 

A request was made where the board would cover the cost required to purchase the equipment and that an agreement for the remaining financing be returned to the board once the society has raised the required funds. 

The society has been raising funds for the playground since their incorporation in January 2015, however, do not have the full amount to date that is required to order the playground materials. 

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