Hanna Mayor’s Message: Anticipating challenges

Hanna council will soon begin the 2022-2024 three-year budget process.  This budget will be a very good learning opportunity for our new elected officials. 

Council is anticipating some challenges in this budget due to provincial funding cutbacks. 

The province in 2021 mandated that all municipalities pay for policing costs. Previously all municipalities under 5,000 population and all rural municipalities were exempt.

 This impacted the Town of Hanna by $48,000 in 2021 and will increase to $72,000 in 2022 progressing upwards to $150,000 in 2024. 

Council will do their best to maintain current tax levels. 

The added difficulty will be predicting how the pandemic may continue to affect our operation in 2022. 

As most people already are aware the town is in the process of tearing down five derelict buildings. 

The Seymour Hotel, Central Meats, the building north of the York Cafe, a small house in Golf Course Crescent as well as a small house behind  The Brick. 

The building north of the York is down already. By the time you read this the two small houses should be complete with the Central Meat building scheduled for mid November and the Seymour in December. 

Borea Construction has arrived. They are the company doing the windmill construction and will be a boost to our community. There are three separate projects that will take a couple years to complete. 

GFL is up and running and seems to have rectified most of their odour issues. 

The town will be continuing to have dialogue with GFL representatives regarding any concerns residents may be experiencing because of their operation. 

They have hired several local employees with the planned addition of several more as production ramps up. 


By Danny Povaschuk

Mayor, Town of Hanna

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