Hanna Mayor: Administration working on water conservation plan

The province has declared 2024 as a drought year prompting a call for all water users including municipalities to exercise water conservation wherever possible.

Administration is working on a water conservation plan tailored to municipal operations. This plan is slated to be presented to council for their review and input during the March 27 Council Information Meeting.

Areas under investigation include: • Decrease irrigation on all town-owned properties equipped with irrigation systems encompassing sports fields (such as ball and soccer) and park/playground areas with underground irrigation.

While irrigation for sports fields will be scaled back, it will be maintained at a level to ensure the turf remains healthy and conducive to save play.

• Reduce the quantity and variety of flower plantings.

• The outdoor pool is scheduled to open as usual, while the spray park may have a shorter operating season but will remain functional. It’s worth mentioning that the spray park utilizes a recirculation system, ensuring its water usage is minimized for a facility of its kind.

• The town will maintain its efforts to adequately water trees to ensure their health.

• We will explore the possibility of reducing residential outdoor water usage, ideally through voluntary means, without the need for mandatory enforcement measures.

Assessment notices for 2024 have been mailed. Property owners are encouraged to review and comprehend their assessments. If there are questions or concerns please discuss them with the town assessor whose contact information is printed on the assessment notice.

As attendance has been low in recent years, there will be no assessment open house scheduled for this year.

Additionally, for statutory requirements, advertisements will be placed in the ECA Review.

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by Danny Povaschuk, Mayor of Hanna

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