Hanna Farmers Market rental subsidy

Peggy Rehill, a member of the Hanna Farmers Market Committee appealed to Hanna town council for a subsidized rental agreement for their weekly market at the Hanna Curling Rink.

At the regular Hanna council meeting on Tues. June 11, council granted them a rate of $271.35 plus tax per week compared to $405 plus tax for the market in May.

“The Hanna Farmers Market have originally been located at the Round Up Centre but have parted ways with the owners,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kim Neill.

“While there are not a ton of alternative locations in Hanna for a farmers market, the town does not want to undercut somebody. The town wants to respect private individuals who pay taxes.”

Roundhouse restoration report

Sandra Beaudoin stepped away from her desk as councillor to put on her other hat as Roundhouse Society President and Founder and led a delegation of five to present the Roundhouse Society Operating Business Plan.

The Roundhouse is of historical significance for Alberta therefore to date Alberta Heritage has provided approximately $200,000 for the restoration.

The Elks have also donated funds for the restoration and the town forgives the land taxes.

Two private events have been held in the unfinished facility to date: a wedding and a church service.

Major drawbacks are access to water, and without water, power is not available, however, the Society does use a generator.

Beaudoin said the assets for the roundhouse are increasing.

The assessment value was $136,000 when the building was purchased and now totals over $350,000.

The Roundhouse Society would like the town to purchase two lots on the east side of the building as the land is low and wet but would work for a park.

CAO Neill has contacted the owner twice asking her to prepare a proposal to sell the combined seven acres to the town and if the price is significantly lower than the assessed value Neill will bring the proposal to council.

Neill also said the challenge facing the roundhouse is it has been zoned to have assembly occupancy but has not received safety codes approval for assembly occupancy.

The temporary events have been a one-off, but this still alarms the safety and fire code officials.

Beaudoin said a joint meeting with both the safety and fire code representatives is being organized.

“If something bad happens in the facility,” said Mayor Warwick, “would the town be liable?”


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