Hanna Community Centre named

It took a year, but the Hanna Regional Community Services Centre finally has a name.
Opened in November 2011, the multipurpose recreation and community centre was known by the rather long and unimaginative name “Hanna Regional Community Services Centre.” By direction of council, a naming contest was opened for all residents of Special Area No. 2 running from July 16 to August 10.
With a brand new Apple iPad 2 as the prize, entries from residents poured in. By the time the contest closed, 228 potential names were submitted from residents.

After council examined the names, it was decided to re-open for entries with a new deadline of October 3.
“Council felt that the names proposed weren’t fitting with what they were looking for,” said Laurie Armstrong, director of business and communication for the Town of Hanna.
Armstrong told the Review that, even though the response was good, council was hoping a better suggestion would come from re-opening the contest to new entries.
An additional 132 names were entered during the contest’s second phase, bringing the total entries up to 360. Submitted names included the commemorative (‘The Nickelback Centre’, ‘The Dean Viste Centre’), the practical (‘Hanna Wellness Centre’, ‘Hannaplex’) to the whimsical (‘The Centi-Pod,’ ‘The Goose Dome’).
The names were narrowed down to two finalists (‘Centennial Place’ and ‘The Rec Centre’) with council choosing the name celebrating Hanna’s 100th birthday for the top prize.
Criteria for the contest stated that the name should not only be catchy, short and easy to pronounce, but should also establish the centre’s role and identity in the community.
Jeffrey Raab of Hanna submitted the winning entry and is the winner of the iPad 2.

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