Hanna business license by-law changes

The town of Hanna business license by-law was reviewed by administration this past summer with the intent to look at how farmer’s markets (specifically private markets) and other special events are best handled.

At the same time a number of housekeeping initiatives were noted for review by council.

The primary highlights/amendments of this draft by-law are as follows:
• added a definition for home based business
• a definition for license year and special events.

Clauses were added to identify exemptions, to identify a special events license and to require a licensee to notify the town of any changes in their business.

Also added was a clause to clarify fee amounts payable based on the time of year the license is obtained and a clause that clarifies the fact that advertising their business constitutes the requirement for a business license.

Town office moves

If all goes according to plan, and all renovations are completed on time, the Hanna town office will move the fourth weekend of September.

Administration has been approached regarding the leased space and what the town was looking for in terms of rent.

Administration has prepared a request for proposal for the leased space which will allow prospective interested parties to submit proposals on what they are willing to pay for rent/utilities and how long a lease the would be interested in .

Increased FCSS funding

The provincial government has announced an increase of funding for all Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) programs.

This 2 per cent increase annually will be included in the October payment for this year and will reflect increases retroactively. (10 per cent increase for 2015)

These funds are critical in assisting the town in providing preventative social services for the community.

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