Hand Hills Lake Club makes three-peat history

The 103rd annual Hand Hills Lake Stampede held at the Hand Hills Lake rodeo grounds were packed Saturday, June 1, 2019. ECA Review/Terri Huxley
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There are rodeos and then there are communities; Layton Rosin, president of the Hand Hills Lake Stampede club, firmly believes the club is the latter.

Hand Hills hosts a plethora of events throughout the year to keep members of the community engaged and close while simultaneously viable for future generations.

On Thurs. Oct. 31, the Canadian Pro Rodeo Association (CPRA) announced the Hand Hills Lake Club had won their third consecutive win for Small Rodeo Committee of the Year.

“We are really happy about the three-peat,” said Rosin.

He feels it was very much a community effort. “We’re not winning that award on our own. It’s everybody staying and helping out and getting it done,” said Rosin.

“I think what people have wrong with Hand Hills is they think it’s just a rodeo. It’s not just a rodeo. We have the turkey supper, the Valentine’s Day deal, and Halloween free pizza.”

Local volunteer Day Lenfesty was praised by the president as he “lives and breathes this community. He is heart and soul.”

Not many were even sure the wellknown stampede would make it to 100 years in 2017 but they have surpassed this benchmark, completing their 103rd year this year.


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