Halkirk II transmission line project cancelled, wind project still moving forward

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A planned route map of the potential Halkirk II transmission project stemming from the existing Tinchebray Stustation to a substation named Goldeye has now been cancelled as of June 2. The overall Halkirk 2 Wind Power project is still moving ahead. ECA Review/ATCO








ATCO Electric Ltd. informed stakeholders of the recent cancellation to a portion of the Halkirk 2 Transmission project which involved a power line and new substation.

The line would have, if followed through, been used to get power to the main grid but the decision to cut it was centred around cost optimization considerations relating to both the project and transmission system.

“It does not reflect project cancellation. Capital Power remains committed to the Halkirk 2 Wind project,” said Katherine Perron via email.

As for the project development process, Capital Power requests access for the project to Alberta’s bulk transmission system through the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO).

The AESO engages with the Transmission Facility Owner operating near the proposed project – in this case ATCO – to then design, permit and construct the facilities required to connect the project to the system at Capital Power’s cost.

In May 2017, ATCO Electric Ltd. began distributing an information package that included the AESO’s Need Overview, Halkirik 2 Wind Power Project Connection.

The AESO Need Overview included the following transmission developments: Modify the existing Tinchebray 972S substation, including adding a 240 kilovolt (kV) circuit breaker; Add a 240 kV transmission line to connect the Facility to the Tinchebray 972S substation; Add or modify associated equipment as required for the above transmission developments.

But since Capital Power no longer wishes to move forward with this proposal, the AESO no longer intends to apply to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of the above developments.


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