Hail storm update

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate gave an update on some of the various hail damage around town to village owned assets.

She noted that the fire hall sustained some damage with the ridge cap, wind turbines and north downspout are in need of replacement.

Quotes have been obtained for submission to the insurance adjuster.

As well, the insurance adjuster advised the company has a $100,000 incentive plan to upgrade damaged materials to more hail resistant materials.

Specifically, the roof of the library upgraded to a metal roof from shingles at no additional cost to the village.

Council passed a motion to upgrade to the metal roof for the library under this insurance incentive plan.

A separate motion was made later in the meeting to replace the south eavestrough on the library building for $500.

Fall electronic roundup

Environment 360 Solutions Ltd. asked the village if they would be interested in doing a large item cleanup and electronics roundup in the fall.

The company said they did one of these in Innisfail which was ‘a hit’ where they offer two days to collect these items at a designated spot where two men would assist with unloading.

For just one day of curbside collection, it would cost $465 plus an additional $345 if they wanted to include electronics.

Council accepted this as information, choosing not to move forward with this proposal.

Ice plant help

The Elnora and District Agricultural Society is in the process of replacing the ice plant at the Elnora Agri-Centre.

The condenser for the current one is on the roof of the plant room but since the new condenser is much larger, the society would like to put it on a platform outside the north wall of the plant room.

As for the old condenser, it will be disconnected.

Council agreed to help them out by approving the installation of the condenser platform to its proposed spot.

Office basement water abatement

Council agreed to contract Perry Warner Plumbing to install two fans to dehumidify the village office basement at an approximate cost of $650.

The village office is over 100 years old and has been prone to flooding in recent years.


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