Gus Wetter wins Northeast Basketball Division

Castor Gus Wetter High boys basketball team is Northeast Division champions. From the left,  Coach/teacher Jason Faber, McGuire Kent, Alex Groger, Lief Neufeld, Kyran Bowyer, Josh Kuefler, Liam Grice, Simon Muncy, Thomas Clements, and Coach Bruce Downey.


Castor Gus Wetter High School boys won their league basketball this year for the Northeast Division with no losses during the entire season.
It’s the first time since before 1990 that Gus Wetter has won it according to the last trophy, noted Bernita Muncy in an email to the ECA Review.
Now they have a new plaque for the Northeast Division league.
The team wil now play in the Zones March 11 – 12.
The boys also played in four tournaments this year and came away with a second, third and fourth with usually eight  teams or more participating.

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