Gullible people like sheep

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Dear Editor,
Re: “Another newspaper closes after 115 years”; March 23, 2023

Who needs newspapers anyway! We have social media, the internet, conspiracy theories advocates, charlatans, “populist politicians”, podcasts populated by folks who deliberately told falsehoods, gossipers and rumourmongers.

On top of all of those, we have people who brag that they haven’t read the news in years.

Yes, Virginia, there are folks who brag about not listening or watching the news. Why? Most often those folks tell me they can’t trust mainline media outlets (CBC, CTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Reuters, etc.) because those news organizations are “controlled” by “Deep State” (aka governments controlled by mysterious rich people).

However, they will listen to conspiracy theories (like from friends, relatives, Q Anon, Fox News, infowars, etc.) and to those folks who spread gossip/rumours at the local watering holes (drop-in centres, bars, parties, etc.).

Recently, one person told me that the US and Canada were going to war with each other in March of 2023. When I asked where she got her information, she would not tell me.

Another person told me that the UN was going to take over Alberta and sell it to foreigners. That person wouldn’t tell me the source either.

Another person told me that Jews caused The Great Recession of 2008, the Great Depression of 1929, and all other economic disasters that have plagued mankind since the death of Jesus. His source? Got the info from a friend.

Another person told me that ex-president Obama was not an American citizen, nor was he a Christian, but a Muslim. When asked for his sources of information, he couldn’t remember.

Another person told me that Trudeau’s father was Fidel Castro. Again, when I asked for sources, the person could not recall where he got that information.

Another person told me that AISH recipients received thousands of dollars per month from the “government”. His source of information? A “friend” at a local watering hole.

Sadly, some politicians play on such ignorance because they know many citizens don’t bother to “fact check”. Gullible folks are like sheep, they just follow along with whatever their friends, relatives, or politicians tell them.

You’ve probably heard these phrases: “Go along to get along”. “Don’t make waves”. “Don’t be different”. “Don’t rock the boat”. “You’ll lose friends if you don’t agree with them”.

My views: Don’t be a sheep. “Good prevails when good people refuse to be silent”. Also, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, or misinformation, or lies, or conspiracy theories, etc. is for good people to say nothing or to do nothing”.

In my opinion.

George Thatcher
Olds, Alta.

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