GST plus carbon tax

Here I go again. I just can’t seem to get away from this climate change nonsense and everything that goes along with it.
The other day I got a phone call from a Delburne reader of the ECA Review. He had two questions.
One, is GST charged on top of the carbon tax and two, if it is, how is the GST charged on the carbon tax a goods or a service and how does this tax add value?
The questions are important and  do have some significant ramifications.
Just who stands to gain from applying the GST to the carbon tax? The Federal government stands to gain quite significantly that’s who!
It is estimated that the Alberta carbon tax being charged at $20 per tonne will generate revenue for the Alberta government of about $3 billion dollars per year. If my math is correct this will generate an additional $1,500,000. for the federal government.
There is no wonder that Trudeau likes what the Alberta government is doing. He has declared that by 2022 all Canadians will be paying a $50 per tonne tax on carbon.
If the provinces don’t put a tax on carbon he will impose a tax on them. He said the tax on carbon will stay with the provinces but just think how much money the Federal Government will collect in additional GST. By the time the $50 tax comes into effect Alberta will be contributing 2.5 times as much as they will this year.
Alberta’s population is 1/10th that of the Canadian population so the Federal government will be reaping 10 times as much additional GST just on the carbon tax.
He has also said that the tax will be neutral to the provinces, collecting a windfall in GST on the carbon tax does not look neutral to me.
In answering the second question there is no good, service or value added benefit to the taxpayer for paying GST on the carbon tax, however the principal of taxing another tax was compromised years ago when the government applied the GST to the price of gasoline and diesel.
I am not an accountant but I do know that the tax code is full of similar nickel and dime taxes that have been added here and there.
There was a temporary excise tax that was added to gasoline and diesel years ago that is still in effect.
Changes in government didn’t seem to make a difference.
I just finished reading a book that was written by Bruno Weskel, titled “ The Sky is Not Falling”. Geological scientists have been able to determine that over the last 2.5 billion years there have been eleven ice ages.
The first one lasted 400,000 years when there was no oxygen on the earth. The atmosphere was somewhere between 70 and 90 per cent carbon dioxide, so C02 did not provide a green house effect at that time.
In each of these events the scientists were able to determine that the C02 concentration increased after the event not before.
The last ice age started to warm up about 18,000 years ago and is still warming up. It was not man caused C02  emissions that were  responsible for the earth warming up at that time.
That was long before man had a written language.
What these scientists have determined with this painstaking research is that carbon dioxide has absolutely no effect on climate change then or now and yet the media are buying into this hoax and allowing the environmentalists and governments to destroy economies the world over so that environmental vested interests can line their pockets.

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