Growth coming to Daysland

Paterson Grain has been given approval to build a new unit train loading facility near Daysland, town council learned at their regular meeting on July 28.

“The efficient truck handling capability proposed for the new Daysland Facility, combined with highly efficient rail car loading will allow Paterson Grain to offer excellent customer service to local producers even during the busy harvest season,” a press release from Paterson Grain said.

This is Paterson Grain’s third Inland Export Terminal in Alberta and has capacity of over 55,000 metric tonnes and promises to incorporate “the most modern grain handling and storage concepts” which assists to minimize train loading times.

Mayor Watt thanked CAO Rod Krips for all the work he did with Paterson Grain saying she was very pleased with his work.

Krips said that the accolades should go to his staff and Flagstaff County who worked hard to secure the project with Paterson Grain.

He also said that there may be 15 – 20 construction jobs available  and  around 10 – 15 permanent jobs upon completion of the build and that Paterson Grain have indicated that where possible, they will source local services and materials.

Door to door has got to go
Mayor Watt wants the town to gather more information on companies selling alarm systems in the town saying that the false alarms that are being produced from them are affecting emergency response employees.

When false alarms happen and the companies cannot get a hold of the property owner, a 911 call is placed and all 911 calls must be attended to be emergency staff, explained Watt, and the false alarms tie up emergency crews.

“Police are getting concerned with false alarms,” said Watt.
Discussion enfolded into the increase of the amount of door to door sales people that council have encountered.

“I’m getting a little irritable about this,” said Coun. Kuslik, who suggested that the out of town business licences given to these types of companies be higher than the current $20 that everyone pays regardless of where they live or where their business is located.

No other discussion was held on the subject of raising the licence  fee for out-of-town businesses.

Mayor Watt asked administration to research alarm system companies “so it’s a positive experience for residents and not a negative one for the RCMP.”

“We want to know [all companies coming into Daysland] are legit,” said Deputy Mayor Butch Robertson.

Master Rates Bylaw passed
The Master Rates Bylaw #2015 – 614, which establishes rates, fees and charges for the various licences, permits, services and goods, provided by or on behalf of the town was read three times and passed by council.

The rates that were set for the new bylaw were privy only to council members during the meeting but have since been uploaded to their website and show that the business licences for out of town businesses is $100.

Upon viewing the new Bylaw rate on the town’s website the ECA Review noted that there was a new addition to the master rates with non-town and non-county business licences being $100. Licences for residents remain at $20.

Education for council
Council will meet once a month to watch videos that were bought by CAO Krips as an educational tool for council.

The videos, called “Good Governance by George” are a series produced by George B. Cuff and according to Cuff, are a training tool for council. The videos claim to take a broad look at governance, what it is and some of the problems associated with councils and boards who misunderstand the basic functions.

Cuff served four terms as mayor of Spruce Grove and George is also a past president of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (1982-83) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (1988-89).

He is also president of a management consulting firm with consulting services to mostly public sector clients, principally in the areas of board and council governance.

“He’s very well received everywhere,” said Mayor Watt.

“George says there are times when council can meet without an audience,” said Watt.

Cuff does charitable work in Serbia, Romania and says that all sales of the videos will go towards that.

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