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Did you ever wonder what makes governments grow to the point where they can’t afford themselves?

Actually it is quite simple. Every time a government comes up with a new idea for a program that they are sure the voting public needs it requires more bureaucrats to develop and design the program and then you need more bureaucrats to administrate the program. If you watched the federal and or provincial budgets you will have noticed that both governments introduced new programs “that they think will be of benefit to the voting public.”

The Federal Government introduced a new childcare program in their last budget that is supposed to assist the needy. This will require an army of bureaucrats to determine who are the needy. The conservatives had a childcare program that was universal for all families but the Liberals cancelled that one because, in their view, that program was helping the rich. Trudeau said he did not need childcare assistance.

It is funny how shortly after becoming prime minister he had two nannies paid for by the government to take care of his children.  The conservative program by being universal had less government over site and therefore less bureaucracy to administer it.

Another federal program change was unemployment insurance. They decided that unemployed workers in Edmonton did not need assistance for as long a period as the rest of Alberta because the unemployment rate was lower there. It will probably take more bureaucrats to make sure the right people get paid the right amount.

The Alberta government already had a problem with a top heavy over paid bureaucracy. As near as I can figure the new programs that the Notley government will be adding as a result of their budget will require a significant increase in the bureaucracy. The two major ones that I noted were the carbon tax and rebate program as well as their childcare benefit program.

Implementing the Carbon Tax and rebating it to 60 per cent of families will require a considerable increase in the bureaucracy.

It is not clear to me who will be paying the tax.

It is quite possible that when the tax gets down to the consumer we will all be on the hook to pay for three levels of the tax. The oil producer may be charged the tax and then the refinery or wholesaler and the consumer will certainly be paying it at the pump, the heating bill and everything we buy.   If the first two entities are charged the tax they will have no choice but to pass it on.

A problem that I have mentioned is rebating the tax. How will they decide how much rebate you are entitled to? It will take an army of bureaucrats to figure that out. Every time a government comes up with a program where people receive a benefit, the administration gets complicated requiring an army of bureaucrats to deliver the program.

Before the NDP government was elected we already had a bureaucracy that was top heavy created when the Alberta PC party got talked into centralizing the health care system. That required an army of managers managing managers to make it work.

The reason that the PC party was running deficits before the ND’s became government is because they allowed the bureaucracy to grow out of control.  As well they are the highest paid public service in Canada costing us 20 per cent more than the next highest province.

The problem will get much worse after Notley gets her programs implemented.  There is no way that a budget can be balanced in Alberta until some future government has the courage to shrink the size of government.

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