Group asks to meet with Coronation town councillors, survey

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Over the past year a number of concerned citizens have expressed disappointment and frustration with how Coronation’s municipal government has been operating.

It became apparent that the matters at hand are not just the concerns of a select few and that the issues being discussed possibly point to a much larger problem, the question being: is council and administration providing good government?

The goal of the survey was to provide citizens with an opportunity to objectively evaluate how the municipality is performing based on standards established in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and to collectively share concerns with council so they can keep the feedback in mind when making decisions that affect the health and vitality of our community.

The survey was available online and paper copies were available for those not on social media.

The first question asked:  From your observations and/or experiences, do you believe all the points listed in the MGA, Part 1, Purposes, Powers and Capacity of Municipalities, 3 (a) to (d) is being fulfilled in our community?

Of the 52 responses, 45 (87%) said ‘no’ and seven said ‘yes’.

Some of the opinions expressed included:
‘I don’t think council really has an understanding of what the community needs. They are just going through the motions”;

I feel like the public and their opinions have been excluded from or ignored by councils decision-making;

Misuse of money without public input, eg. food trailer;

Questions do not get answered;

Councillors winning contests is highly inappropriate;

Unfair advantage over other societies who compete for funding who do not have anyone sitting on council;

Watching council meetings it seems important decisions are predetermined with seldom any questions by council members;

Concerned with how our current council operates, priorities of funds and resources, and engagement and communication with appropriate stakeholders and community members.

Other comments included not following protocols on development, need more transparency, follow only bylaws they want to follow, and inappropriate social media presence.

Another sentiment expressed was the need to have some business people on council as presently all sitting councillors are wage earners.

Favourable comments included:
Coronation offers a wide mix of services and amenities to it’s citizens. We are provided with reasonably maintained infrastructure and environment;

It’s really hard to be perfect. Councillors are just citizens that are doing the best they can.

Code of Conduct
A question regarding the Council Code of Conduct and if it is being followed came away with 44 (85%) said they did not feel the Code of Conduct was being followed at all times and eight (15%) felt it was being followed.

The Code of Conduct Policy states: “The Town of Coronation requires that its Members of Council and Council Committees not engage in actions which are, or could be reasonably perceived as, damaging to the trust, confidence and faith of the public. Members shall at all times seek to advance the common good of the community which they serve.”

Change of leadership/petition
When asked if change of leadership is needed for the municipality, 43 (83%) responded ‘yes’; and nine (17%) responded ’no’.

Forty-two (81%) said they would be willing to sign a petition for change for the community while 10 answered ‘no’ (19%).

Coronation councillors have been asked to meet with the concerned citizens.

In a phone interview with the ECA Review, Mayor Matt Peacock on Tues. Nov. 14 stated that they wouldn’t refuse a meeting but they want more information as they have not seen the results of this survey.


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