Griebel, Richard

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June 9, 1951, to May 16, 2014

Who has seen the wind? A small boy born into the full grace of nature on June 9, 1951, with a heart full of bird song and a mind open to adventure.

Richard spent his youth exploring the world, its people, their cultures and ideas, coming to rest in many special places. He learned all lands are sacred, especially the grasslands around his Castor home.

His life was filled with energy and dreams. When he met Kathleen Charpentier, his dreams soared higher than Richard imagined possible. Together they began a journey, challenging each phase of life with passion and ideals

They touched many lives, challenged the limitations of this world and changed what was possible. This conviction and courage was passed to their four children, Marc, Ian, Andrea and Tess.

Richard’s heart was bigger than his home and created a space where everyone was welcome. The price of admission was nothing more than the open exchange of ideas, an easy laugh, or the willingness to share a drink by the woodstove.

An inveterate storyteller, Richard made us all legends in our own time.  The greatest legend was Richard’s quest for the truth in himself and the rapidly changing world around him. This quest was driven by his passion to be a caretaker of a world where land and animals were sacred and he a provider of food, nurturing children and filling people with health and respect.

To honour Richard’s dream that we nourish our children and create a world in which they grow healthy and strong, he requested donations be made to The Weston A. Price Foundation ( The foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient dense foods to our diet through education, research, and activism and is united in the belief that modern technology should be harnessed as a servant to the wise and nurturing traditions of our ancestors.

Richard’s story will continue in the loving memory of his surviving sisters and brothers, Jim, Robert, Margaret, Philip, Elizabeth and Rosemary, their life partners, Kathy Griebel, Sandy Easterbrook, Lorraine Bryan, Lydden Polley and Richard Harvey, his wife, Kathleen, his children Marc, Ian, Andrea, and Tess, their spouses, Dana Blume and Andrew Nikoniak  and his granddaughter, Elaina. His life was also filled with the love of his extended family and a global community of friends.

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