Greenhouse project being explored further

Amanda Davis from 2052900 Alberta Ltd. presented a commercial greenhouse report to council at their regular meeting on June 20.

The report examined the readiness of attracting a commercial greenhouse to the area.

“In general, we found that you have the basic assets to attract commercial investors, such as affordability and labour force,” Davis summarized. “But first we need to have all of the plans and dedicated resources in place while defining your unique assets.”

The Greenhouse Committee is looking at building the greenhouse on the old airport land west of Forestburg although serviced land in the village could also be an option as the average parcel size needed for a commercial greenhouse is two acres.

Coun. Devon McNabb stated that “the airport land is good because we need room for expansion in the future.”

The village is exploring ways to become a leader in renewables and to diversify and develop a self-sustaining local economy.

Davis will amend the report with some additional research on the demand for power required by a commercial greenhouse and will send the revised report to administration later on.

Lands to be annexed

Flagstaff County has approved the proposed annexation of 326.39 acres located at the south side of Highway 53 and west of 53 Street.

The lands in this annexation are all adjacent to the village and can be serviced by the village’s road, water and sewer system.

There is only one landowner, other than the village, included in the annexation area who has not been in contact with administration as of yet, despite an effort to communicate.

Council approved the annexation of the airport lands.

With the annexation, the village will have sufficient highway commercial and light industrial land to accommodate growth for the next 20 years.

Moving recycling bins

Council tabled the motion to move the recycle bins from their current location across from the public works shop to east of 50th Avenue near the indoor riding arena.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Debra Moffatt and Coun. Elaine Fossen inspected the area and found that this new location would work well.

Moving the recycling bins to this site would still cost about $15,000 as they need to add gravel and level the site. Funds will be taken from the garbage reserve.

“I am here to tell you we use that area for a lot of things,” said Michelle, Hiebert, a board member of the riding arena, “for horses to be on the grass and when we have a large event we use it for parking.”

Coun. Fossen replied, “There is still a lot of space. How often do you use the space?”

“When you have a rodeo of 50 or more horses, we only have a small area. We host about three rodeos in the spring, and six will be happening there this fall.

“Other people also use it for other events with 25 to 50 horses at a time. We get squished enough as it is. In winter you fill it with snow, and then with campers in the summer,” she said.

“People will want the grass there, especially if they are tenting overnight for a rodeo. The panels to set up for horses also take up a lot of space and they would need the grass,” concluded Hiebert.

“We can try to accommodate that somehow but it [the recycling bins] has to be moved,” Coun. Fossen stated.

“Maybe what we can do is clear some of those trees if that means giving them more space. Well, maybe we need to sell that land then. How do we accommodate all these things?”

Coun. Dwayne Giroux reminded council, “We need to accommodate because we are trying to encourage them to use the space and now we are limiting it. Are we dead set against putting a nice fence around where the recycling bins already are?”

”Many residents have come up to me who have told me that they want it moved.” replied Coun. Fossen.

“I am dead set against leaving it where it is. I just think that at the back [near the riding arena] we are not disturbing anyone. There is a lot of space in behind.”

“I really think it’s not a big deal,” said Mayor Blaise Young adding that “they deserve our consideration.”

Fossen will take a site plan to Flagstaff Waste Regional Landfill as suggested by Deputy Mayor Bob Coutts.


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