Greengate wind energy letter submitted

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has submitted a letter to potentially affected parties including Paintearth County council for the Garden Plain Wind Power Project Facility Application.

Written applications for those who had concerns had a deadline of Mon. Sept. 17.

Garden Plain 1 is a branch owned by TransAlta Corporation. The company has applied to construct a 130-megawatt wind power project consisting of 36 turbines.

The application outlines that the turbines will stretch to a height of 110 metres with 67.2 metre blades attached.

The project would be located 30 km north of Hanna, mainly alongside Sullivan Lake, on approximately 6,100 hectares of privately-owned land within the Special Areas No. 2 and County of Paintearth.

If anyone wishes to participate in the AUC proceeding visit their website and log in to the eFiling System and enter in Proceeding 23651 and register under the ‘registered parties’ tab or call 310-4282 for more information.

The letter was accepted as information.

Preston Tower Agreement

Council agreed to additional broad ban equipment on the Preston Tower following a presentation from Edward Griffiths, C.E.T. of Vital Networks Inc. to present a delegation.

His presentation was regarding the Preston Tower Agreement and what future plans there might be for it.

Griffiths offered coverage that would help rural residents find effective internet options within their area.

The county agreed to lease a spot to Vital Networks Inc. to mount some broadband equipment under the same terms and conditions as others who use the tower.

Relationships strengthen

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) bylaw is a document that outlines how municipalities work and do business with their surrounding neighbours with common boundaries as required by new changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The county council went over first reading of IDPs with Provost, Castor and Coronation which were carried.

The Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) bylaw provides that two or more councils of municipalities that have common boundaries must, by each passing a bylaw, adopt an intermunicipal collaboration framework to provide for the integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of municipal services, to steward scarce resources efficiently in providing local services, and to ensure municipalities contribute funding services that benefit their residents.

Council carried first reading of the ICF bylaw.

This pushes the county to the halfway mark as Todd Pawsey, Development Officer, described during the reading.

Now the county only has to make both bylaws with Special Areas and Flagstaff County.

A public hearing is scheduled for October 2 for both IDP and ICF agreements.


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