Great start for Tees Wranglers 4-H Club

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This year has gotten off to a good start. Things are moving almost like normal so far.  After two years of not hosting a rodeo, plans are being made to hopefully have one this spring. 

This year’s leader is Teha Hewines.

Officers are President Will Hewines; Vice President  Avery McBride; Treasurer Jake Peterson; Secretary Clem Hewines; Emery McBride, reporter; Jessa Davidson, historian; District representatives Will Hewines and Jake Peterson; and Hayes Peterson, parliamentarian. 

This year’s Halloween ride was very fun and interesting. There were lots of creative costumes and games including relay races and candy grab barrel races. 

The club also had a sleepover at the Tees hall. We watched Forrest Gump and in the morning we went skating at the outdoor rink. 

We even had a ride where we rode in English saddles and jumped obstacles. 

We’ve also completed our public speaking event where Hayse placed first in our intermediates.  

Our club has also made plans to hold a spring fundraiser dance on April 23. If you would like to donate to our club or fundraiser feel free to call Melody McBride at 403-396-6587. 

This year has started great and hopefully ends the same. We are looking forward to lots of rides and rodeos.


by Emery McBride

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