Grazing ditches allowed

Lacombe County approves use of ditches for livestock grazing.

In response to the dry conditions in the area, Lacombe County Council passed a motion at the August 9 Council meeting to temporarily allow the grazing of livestock in ditches.

“The hot weather and lack of moisture have negatively impacted pastures in the County, and we want to support our agriculture producers by providing them with this option to feed their livestock,” said Reeve Paula Law.

Lacombe County residents may use roadsides to graze for the remainder of the 2018 season under the following conditions:

• The livestock owners will remain liable for any damage caused by livestock to: County roadsides, utility company infrastructure or damage to adjacent properties by livestock that are at large.

• Livestock owners may fence roadsides adjacent to their own property, however, will need to get signed permission to fence roadsides adjacent to lands they do not own.

• Fencing must be removed by October 1, 2018

• Owners that do not remove fencing may be charged for the cost of removal should the County need to remove it for their operations.

• Subsequently, the County will not be liable for damage to temporary fencing that is caused by normal maintenance operations.

• Due to higher traffic volumes and speeds, fencing adjacent to paved roads is prohibited.

For more information on this, please contact Paula Law, Reeve 403-348-1755 or Dion Burlock, Ag Fieldman, 403-782- 8959.

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