Graveyard of rotting rail cars

Dear Editor,
A few weeks ago I sent a photo and letter that was published in the Feb. 17 issue of the ECA Review.  As a result I received sympathetic condolences but absolutely nothing changed – except that more rotting railcars were added to the Alliance landscape.

I repeat, we are totally in favour of the rotting rail cars added to our line in order to raise funding for the excellent service the Battle River Railway (BBR) provides to the grain farmers. We just want the damned things outside of the village.

My plea to the “powers-that-be” apparently fell on deaf or disinterested ears.  So I repeat, if for some strange reason we can’t move the ugly beasts out of the village parameters then at least provide a three-car break when parked in front of picture windows of the citizens.

Is it really okay to inconvenience the citizens in order to welcome a graveyard of rotting rail cars?

At this time I would like to extend an invitation to the BBR board members to come to our house for coffee and understand the ugly view they have provided us with.

BBR board members, Ken Eshpeter, Reg Enright, John Oberg, Scott Jackson, Howard Vincett, Dennis Freadrich, Jerry Weller and Norman Miller, you’re welcome to have your next meeting here.

Sylvia Wold
Alliance, Ab.

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