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We have all heard the propaganda about how man made C02 emissions will be the cause of catastrophic climate change before the end of this century.
I have just received a booklet put out by the Grassroots Alberta Citizens Initiative that goes into detail with statements from real meteorological and geological scientists that completely refute the thinking of environmentalists, media and the rest of that ilk on climate change.
This book is well done and is credible. Anyone who reads this book with an open mind would soon realize that we have been subjected to a monumental fraud by the perpetrators of this idea that man is the cause of global warming.
In the first place it is clear from reading this book that there is very little warming happening. The warming that is taking place is natural and is happening on Mars and other planets as well, so that warming  certainly is not being caused by man.
This book has quotes from over two dozen world class scientists and they all agree that C02 is not a pollutant and that C02 has absolutely no effect on the climate.
A recent poll has shown that 51 per cent of respondents were not opposed to a federally imposed carbon tax of up to $50 a tonne to decrease carbon emissions.
What this poll demonstrates to me is that the climate change advocates have been successful on getting people to concentrate on carbon emissions and lose sight of the real issue.
I think that every one will agree that carbon taxes will decrease carbon emissions but that is not the real issue. The climate change advocates have been successful in sucking a large proportion of the population into believing that increased carbon levels in the atmosphere are the cause of climate change.
What I have learned from the experts quoted in this book and what I myself have always said is that climate change is caused by solar activity.
The researchers have been able to determine that the climate has been much warmer than it is now and it has been much cooler, as it was during the ice age. When those changes occur all man can do is learn to adapt. Imposing a carbon tax on everyone is not the way to adapt.
The idea of increased carbon in the atmosphere causing the globe to get warmer was started by Maurice Strong, a self-confessed socialist [who by the way was also a billionaire] in the 1970’s.
It was the way to transfer wealth from the western world to third world countries.
I believe he was in favour of creating a world government run by the UN. Boy! Wouldn’t that be something?
Another UN objective was to destroy capitalism.
As the book states it is the only economic model in the last 150 years that has ever worked. The countries that have embraced free market capitalism have enjoyed a system in which output has increased dozens of times over, workdays have been halved, and lifespans doubled.
A former environment minister explained that climate change policy is the road to realized left-wing ideology.
So there you have it! We have left leaning and left wing governments at both the federal and provincial level so is it any wonder that we are being hit with job killing carbon taxes?
I would suggest that everyone obtain a copy of this book and insist that your socialist friends, if you have any, read it.  I think this book can be obtained for $10 by writing to:
Grassroots Alberta Citizens Initiative , #122-918 16th Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2M OK3 .

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