Grant discovered for community pump track

The highlighted space could be the potential home of a skate park. This image will be used to indicate where the village could have the park as part of their grant application. ECA Review/Submitted
Written by Terri Huxley

Elnora village council took a peek at the potential for a new dirt pump track for the community at the latest council meeting on Feb. 11.

Dep. Mayor Ron Duff joined by video conference.

This grant offered by Co-Op comes available every year and helps communities who wish to implement recreational spaces like rec centres or playgrounds.

For Elnora, an ‘enthusiastic group of youth’ approached the village with the request to have a skate park which prompted the need to research for current grants available.

The site suggestion was for the west side of Queen Street which is currently zoned ‘open space’ in the village’s Municipal Development Plan and is centrally located near existing recreational facilities.

Administration suggested a dirt track would be cost-effective and can be expanded easily while minimizing injuries but council felt a concrete track would be more worthwhile and allow a more diverse amount of uses rather than just for bikes that can handle that type of terrain.

They also found that with other communities that have dirt tracks they need to be built up again over time and can cause a mess.

Council requested administration to proceed with the grant application and do more research into what other communities have done to get a recreation space.

Pumphouse Gen-Set rental

The pumphouse’s Gen-Set seized before a power outage recently.

The insurance company has been contacted and there is equipment failure coverage on the village’s policy. It was stated by the adjuster, a Gen-Set life expectancy is 30 years and, as the failed Gen-Set was over double this life expectancy at 62 years, it was not eligible for insurance coverage.

However, insurance agreed to provide the village with insurance reimbursement of $12,000 to cover the cost to refurbish the failed Gen-Set engine and $1,800 to cover the first month backup Gen-Set rental.

Council passed a motion to approve a lease from Alberta Construction Rental Corporation for a Gen-Set rental for $1,800 per month, to act as a standby power source at the village pumphouse effective Feb. 3, 2022 due to the failure of the onsite Gen-Set until a new unit can be purchased.

Sewer blockage request

The owner at 408 –5 Avenue in Elnora has requested the village pay an invoice for a sewer backup at their residence.

On the evening of Dec. 24, 2021, the owner, Mr. Ronald Thompson, experienced a swerve backup in their utility room floor drain.

According to him, the village’s emergency phone number was not utilized because a similar situation had taken place in August of 2020 and it was Christmas Eve so he did not feel he would get a response.

Perry Warner Plumbing was called and was able to locate the blockage 65 feet from the clean-out port in the home on the northern side of the property line.

He asked to be reimbursed $483 as charged by the plumbing company.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate notes that any blockages on a property owner’s land are their responsibility, whereas if it is a problem with the main connections they will be reimbursed.

In this case, public works determined the blockage was in the resident’s line as they had checked the line with a camera between two manholes that houses three connections between them. It is located in the alley behind the property at 414 4th Ave.

Public Works Foreman Rod Rintoul shared that there were no observable issues with them, and other neighbours did not experience the same problem with a blockage, leading him to believe that the blockage was on the property owner’s land and not the village’s main.

He suggested that to be certain he would image this section of the sewer main again and request Mr. Thompson does the same.

Council agreed with this, passing a motion to decline the request for payment, recommending the property owner’s lines be video’d at his own cost.

Telecommunications tower

In order for Xplornet to pursue a project to build an internet tower within the village, council was asked to approve the ground site agreement for the placement of a tower at the Public Works Shop site located at 142-1st Avenue.

This is a standard agreement for the project and is contingent upon ‘the local Land-Use Authority approving the site or if the licensee in its sole discretion does not select the site for its telecommunications tower.

Administration shared that the company is still assessing the site but will now have the ability to move forward if they choose to.

Council agreed to sign.


Terri Huxley

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