Grand opening postponed

The new County of Starland administration and shop is ready for occupation soon. ECA Review/J.Webster
Written by Terri Huxley

Plans to unveil the $9 million Starland County administration and public works building have been pushed to next spring after a decision was made at the regular county council meeting on Wed. Aug. 21.

The reason being was a mixture of COVID-19 restrictions and it allowed staff more time to get settled in and get the final odds and ends completed.

The Starland office reopened in its new location on Mon. Aug. 17.

Michichi solar project

Project director Shad Bendiak of Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. sent an update on the Michichi solar project just above the Drumheller valley west of Munson.

Kneehill Solar GP Inc., on behalf of Samsung, received Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) approval on Sept. 12, 2019 but in this letter, a revision has been made to the construction and commissioning timeline.

They expect to begin construction in the second quarter of 2021 with the facility to be commissioned by the first quarter of 2022.

ATCO has also backed out of the project, making Samsung the sole owner of the project.

Public works change orders

Council made a few decisions regarding final adjustments to the new county building.

Public Works director Ken Menage noted a few changes amounting to $17,214 for a forklift charger power outlet, a new generator connection switch, tool room shelving and HVAC venting. 

As for the excess clay pile, Eagle Builders was originally going to charge roughly $176,000 to move.

Menage was able to bring the price down by $100,000 after doing some heavy research into normal prices, getting tired of the company upselling and taking advantage of the situation.

Council passed a motion to pay the bill for $76,036.50.

Water break near Munson

During Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Shirley Bremer’s report, she noted a major water break happened near Munson recently.

Dispatch was said to have a hard time as they walked nearly four miles in crop in order to pinpoint the leak.

Once the repairs were addressed, they flushed the lines in accordance with Alberta Environment.

Closed session

Council had a closed session to have a third party business interest confidential discussion as well as a disclosure harmful to personal privacy issues, both under the FOIP act.


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