Grade Six students observe local Government

Mrs. Pasolli along with some of her grade six students from the Coronation School attend the Coronation Council meeting on April 23. From the left, front row: Layton Perry, Ashlyn Heidecker, Kylie Hewit, Kayla MacGougan, Hailey Neal and Dharma Cook. Back row: Rylan Montgomery, Nate Creasy, Jesse Tkach (hidden), Austin Holmes, Hailey Miller and Hana Watson. ECA Review/L.Bye


Coronation Town Council was genuinely pleased to see so many students from the Coronation grade six class attend the April 23 council meeting.
“Welcome grade sixes, I don’t think we have ever had this many, we have had six at most in the past,” said Mayor Mark Stannard when warmly addressing the students.
Mrs. Pasolli and 15 of her grade six students came prepared to observe how a council meeting was conducted and to ask some questions about the town of Coronation’s operating procedures.
As part of the grade six curriculum, the students learn about local government.
The students were attentive and focused when asking council about decision making on road repairs, the need for more wheelchair accessibility in the downtown businesses, unsightly condemned residential homes and if it is possible to replace the basketball nets on the courts in town.
“There are a ton of condemned homes around the town, and I feel that you should rip them down because they are taking away good money from other properties,” stated Nate Creasy when commenting on how these homes can bring down the property value of the neighbourhood.
Council agreed with Nate and went on to explain to the students that it is one of their goals to get things cleaned up, but they cannot do much about privately-owned residences.
Some of the properties the town owns have older homes on them that may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos, and it is not a simple process to tear them down.
Strict environmental laws and guidelines must be followed before they can be demolished. This is a costly endeavour, and the budget must be taken into consideration when prioritizing which projects need to be completed.
Austin Holmes request for new basketball nets was a resounding success. All the councillors feel this is something that can fit into their budget. They will get Recreation Director Barry Brigley to research the cost of new nets and then decide from there when they can proceed.
The students would like new nets on the basketball court that is located on the tennis court as well as the ones in the Harold Thornton Memorial Park.
Input was provided from the students on what material to use for the nets to prevent vandalism and to make the basketball nets more durable. They feel chain may be better as it is harder to rip down and they recommended the town use a metal backboard for the nets as this would be more weather resistant than using wood which can rot easily.
The councillors were unaware of the condition the basketball nets were in and very appreciative that the students brought this matter to their attention.
The students realized that you can make a difference by asking questions and stating your concerns.
Before the meeting was adjourned council reminded the students that meetings are open to the public and the Town of Coronation’s website posts all the agendas and meeting minutes for everyone to read.

Cannabis legislation
The legalization of cannabis is fast approaching and council has been working on determining if they wish to provide stricter requirements than provincial legislation has dictated for the location of cannabis retail stores and where people can consume cannabis cigarettes or vape products.
Cannabis retail stores must be 100 metres from a school or provincial medical facility. Council can increase this distance if they feel it is warranted.
The province of Alberta states that smoking or vaping cannabis products will be restricted in areas frequented by kids, and in other public places where smoking is prohibited.
Council will be able to amend the Town of Coronation’s smoking bylaw to add specific detail on where cannabis can be consumed.
They have been analyzing Stettler’s first readings of their amended land use bylaw and smoking bylaws to help them see how other communities are dealing with these issues.
Before any final decisions can be made a public hearing will be held and it is hoped many in the community will attend and voice their opinions.

Lisa Bye
ECA Review

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