Government stupidity

It has snowed again so I can’t work outside, so this gives me time to write another column.

In going through the Oct. 5, 2018, Edmonton Sun I read an article written by Sun Reporter, Bob Shaw.

It was an article about B.C.’s $40-Billion LNG Project.

Evidently, this huge project will contribute many more millions of tonnes of GHG gases to the atmosphere so now B.C. will have to refigure how they are going to get their emissions 40 per cent below their 2007 levels by 2030.

The government has already put in place some measures, such as the carbon tax, electrifying oil and gas operations and enforcing federal rules on heavy-duty vehicle emissions, etcetera.

This would cut almost seven million tonnes according to estimates.

When I had finished reading that article I just sat there and shook my head at this stupidity.

Clean Energy Canada estimates that more than 900,000 B.C. drivers would need to replace their current gas and diesel vehicles with new electric vehicles just to eliminate the new ‘pollution’ to be caused by LNG Canada.

There are only 8,500 registered electric cars and 45,000 hybrids in B.C. now. These statistics are from Bob Shaw’s article.

It gets worse. He wrote, to put it another way, 950,000 home owners would have to replace their natural gas furnace with either an electric heat pump or 100 per cent renewable gas to cancel out LNG Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

So, you can see it will be a much larger challenge for B.C. to meet it’s emission target.

I think climate change targets are dogma that have been institutionalized by the media, environmental zealots and governments. These targets are just ridiculous.

As I have written before, meteorological and geological research scientists have proven that global warming caused by C02 emissions is fiction. I am sure that many people associated with these entities are well aware that C02 is not the cause of climate change, but if the majority of the public knew this they could not achieve their objective.

It seems to me that they are working on the theory that if you tell a lie often enough people will think it is fact.

All of this stuff being promoted now by governments just defies logic.

For example, Canada produces only about 1.6 per cent of world greenhouse gases thus if Canada did not produce one pound of C02 it would not make an iota of difference worldwide even if C02 was the cause, which it is not.

C02 is not pollution, it is a necessary element for plant growth.

Left-wing governments seem to be quite willing to sacrifice their economies just to try to convince the population that they are doing something to save the world when, in fact, what they are doing is taking away our freedom so they can have absolute control over us.

They are forcing us to change our way of life so that eventually we will become dependent on government to exist.

These climate change policies have become so pervasive that right-wing conservative governments are being drawn into this foolishness.

They are fighting the carbon tax but for whatever reason, they are still going along with the idea that climate change is man-made. They are trying to create an alternate economy.

Just think about the numbers above in this column. 900,000 electric cars for just B.C. or 950,000 different heating systems. This would be a monumental societal shift.

This is why left-wing governments want control of the people. By exercising total control they can force us to accept their vision of a utopian society.

They don’t care if that means we will all live with a much lower standard of living.

We will become victims of this kind of stupidity from our governments if we don’t wake up and do something about it.

by Herman Schwenk

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