Gordie and the Boys provide lively concert in Coronation

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Some styles of music never cease to entertain, uplift and set the good times a-rollin’. For Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys, entertainment flows naturally through their east coast style of old time rockabilly and folk music.
The Charlottetown, PEI group fiddled and stepdanced through Coronation Community Centre on November 1, 2013 to an enthused and upbeat crowd.
The band played a wealth of original music and covers, ranging from Johnny Cash to old-time East Coast folk tunes. Their music touched upon all facets of life lived in earnest; from broken relationships to bailing hay.
Gordie and the boys swapped instruments amongst each other with ease, continually upping the intrigue of the show. Feats of talent and excitement – such as Gordie fiddling whilst standing on the upright bass – added  increased showmanship to an already wildly entertaining set.
The show was indicative of why Gordie and the Boys have experienced many accolades in recent years, including being honoured the Galaxie Supernova Award at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival for outstanding live performance.
“We’re known for our upbeat music,” says fiddle player and band namesake Gordie MacKeeman, “our live shows are upbeat, toe tapping type stuff.”
MacKeeman says the band came together after a myriad of gigs as backup musicians over the years. “Mark [Geddes, drummer] and I were roommates, and began making fiddle CD’s for the fun of it,” says MacKeeman, “A band that we were with at that time happened to split ways, and we just kept getting asked to do shows… and we haven’t looked back since.” Along with Peter Cann on guitar and Thomas Webb on bass, the band has been touring the central Alberta region through Alberta Showcase.
“You come up and you perform for theater buyers, and [Alberta Showcase] books you for the next year,” says MacKeeman, “so that was very beneficial to us,. That’s why were in a lot of these smaller areas that you might not typically stop into. We’ve been having a blast so far; we’re all rural boys ourselves so we feel very comfortable.”
The band celebrated their three year anniversary as a group in October, which is fitting that they swung through Coronation at around the same time. The band provided an uplifting display of talent and charisma, indicating a strong certainty that they will be playing for many years to come.

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