Goose hunting season now open

Hunter with decoy geese - Hunting season, Stock Image
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Hunting season for Snow or Ross’s Geese is now open.

The season started March 15, 2020 and will continue until June 5, 2020.

The public may hear gunshots during this time.

The Snow Goose population has increased by an estimated 1200 per cent since the 1970’s.

As such, hunters are allowed to lawfully harvest 50 Snow Geese per day per hunter.

Hunters must have the permission from landowners to hunt on private land, must be at least 200 yards from any occupied building and must hold the applicable firearms and hunting licenses.

Complaints regarding any unlawful hunting can be reported to the Hanna Fish and Wildlife office at 403-854-5540.

This is a joint public advisory from the Hanna RCMP and the Hanna Fish and Wildlife.


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