God save America

There is not a female in the country that has climbed her way to the top or near the top in industry or politics without having had to work twice as hard as her male counterparts with equivalent education and experience. That’s just the reality.
And that is certainly how it has unfolded during the presidential campaign between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.
The stark contrast between the expectations in the first debate was striking.  There was no expectation put on Trump. He was just required to show up and keep his cool.  If he did that, he would surpass expectations and would likely see a bump in the polls.
Clinton on the other hand was to look presidential, but not sound too smart.  She was to keep her answers short and not talk too much about her experiences as a former Senator and Secretary of State.  She was to be open and personable and not react to Donald’s personal attacks on her.
I have great empathy for brilliant women who are required to dummy down so as not to be seen as a threat.  Woman can’t get too aggressive or we’re called the ‘B’ word.  If our voice waivers, we are too emotional and not fit for the job.
Trump still lost the debate.  So he and his two pals, former Republican House Leader, Newt Gingrich and Ruby Giuliani the former New York Mayor joined forces to attack Hilary on a new front arguing that no spouse of a known adulterer (aka Bill Clinton) should be qualified to become President.
What nonsense, Bill cheated. Hilary held her family together.
Lest we have forgotten, it was March 9, 2007 during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial that three-time married Newt Gingrich publicly acknowledged that he had cheated on his first and second wives. Ironically it was Gingrich who was leading the charge to impeach Bill Clinton because of his infidelity.
Trump cheated on his first wife, Ivana, with a younger mistress, Marla Maples, who would become his second wife. Two children later and bored with Maples, Donald ditched her to marry his third and current trophy wife.
Giuliani is another admitted adulterer, thrice married and publically unfaithful to his wives.
What hypocrisy!  It’s all right for these three adulterers with their warped sense of self-righteousness to hold powerful elected offices, but it’s wrong for the wife of an adulterer to hold similar offices of power.
Hilary has shared a little about those difficult days when her husband’s unfaithfulness was in the news for more than a year.  I can only imagine the pain and humiliation she went through.
We don’t know why she stayed with Bill, but it could have been to keep the family together for their daughter, Chelsea.  We don’t know what she said or did to Bill, but I can imagine it was X-rated!  But quite frankly, it’s none of our business.
But the three adulterers have torn apart two homes each and with their track records, it’s a crap shoot how long they will stay with their thirds.  They have no credibility to attack even Bill Clinton, let alone his wife.
Hilary Clinton is so far superior to Donald Trump in every way — intelligence, ethics, common human decency and experience.  It is indeed shocking to the world outside of the United States that the presidential race is still too close to call.
Rather than “God bless America”, it needs to be “God save the world from America and America from itself” should Donald Trump be elected President.

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