Global warming is not a theory

Dear Editor,
I was saddened by a letter to editor of September 21 entitled “Science evidence lacking”.
I spent 12 years of my life working on a project which accidentally, (I said accidentally), “discovered” or identified what we then called the “greenhouse effect” and which has been since then re-labelled “global warming”.
The findings were published in or around 1975 in various scientific publications. We were, in fact, researching the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, not focusing on present day events.
The long and the short of it is, we studied specimens from the DSDP (Deep Sea Drilling Project) from the Glomar Challenger research ship.
We studied sediments from around the world, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Italy and Spain.
What we found is a warming of the ocean at the end of the Cretaceous, warmer as evidenced by the CCCD (Calcium Carbonate Compensation Depth) which had a serious effect on the climate.
There was evidence of wide spread forest fires (think of Ft. McMurray or B.C. this summer) caused by severe drought inland and that there was much sedimentary perturbation caused by severe and frequent meteorological activity, (think hurricane Katrina, Irma and Maria, etc.) in coastal areas.
Because some of our data was difficult to analyse, we sent some of the samples to the geological laboratory of NASA in San Francisco for analysis.
Dr. Alvarez sent us a note saying that what we were describing about the ozone layer and CO2 envelope in the stratosphere at the time of the end of the Cretaceous, was, in fact being observed by NASA in our present atmosphere at the time, (1970’s).
I will not go into details or it would take several pages, but global warming is not a theory. It is fact based on observable and quantifiable information.
Regrettably we are destroying our livable conditions for the sake of money.
When we cannot breathe, feed ourselves or find potable water, money will not do us any good.
Since we are likely going to continue in this vein regardless of the warnings, the apocalypse is closer than we think.
At this rate, it appears that the children who are in grade 1 this year will very likely see the end.
Gilles Danis, Drumheller, Ab.

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