Glad common sense prevailed when raising my family

Dear Editor
Like James Brietzke, I also enjoy receiving your paper and the common sense of your opinion coloumns.
What happened to common sense in our governments? They seem to have no relationship knowledge or don’t care for the ordinary Canadian.
It seems the normal is to give themselves big raises but no thought to local problems and all seem more concerned about world problems.
What happened to living according to our means. With the NDP, future generations will be digging deep to get out of debt and Trudeau seems more worried about other countries, giving money willy nilly except for Canada.
Didn’t see the BC fire victims get any help from the federal government.
As for Trudeau’s United Nations (UN) speech, if he’d stayed home, cut the red tape and actually had got rid of bureaucracy instead of talking it to death. It’s way past time.
Schwenk’s right, every division has pyramids on top of pyramids that need to be cut. It was easy and profitable to form them but it’s going to take some party with a strong backbone to get rid of them.
When it comes down to it, the last election left a lot of people out in left field as no party was worth voting for.
The older I get, I’m glad I raised my family in the 60’s and 70’s when we had common sense.
Clara Sharpe
Munson, Ab.

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