Giving Stettler firefighters the green light

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The Town and County of Stettler are joining communities throughout Alberta to use flashing green lights to signify that a volunteer firefighter is travelling to the fire hall in response to an emergency call.

Volunteer firefighters must attend the fire hall from their home or places of work before responding to a call.

In order to reduce the travel time needed to reach the hall, the Stettler Regional Fire Department will now use flashing green lights on the personal vehicles of volunteer firefighters to signal the driver’s destination and request that anyone sharing the road pull over, if it is considered safe to do so.

Although yielding in courtesy is appreciated, other drivers are not required to forfeit right of way in response to the lights, in alignment with the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Green lights do not provide volunteer firefighters with special privileges on the roadway, and all rules of the road must be obeyed.

The lights are placed on the dashboard or in the windshield of the volunteer’s personal vehicle for consistent identification.

When yielding the right of way to a volunteer firefighter, please be sure to re-enter the roadway with caution as there may be additional firefighter vehicles following.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Stettler Regional Fire Department at 403-742-2081.



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