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Every year I resolve to lose my extra weight, and every year about this time I start thinking that I just can’t do it. 

I know that part of the reason I am ready to give up so easily is because I don’t see the results I want to see fast enough. 

I also realize that the reason I don’t see those results is because I don’t have the self discipline and don’t do enough of the hard work needed to get those results.

I know two women who have proven to me that it is hard work and self discipline that gets results. 

One of the women didn’t follow any fad diets or any commercial plan, she just got very strict with herself.  She didn’t even allow herself to have dressing on the many salads that she ate, only a sprinkle of lemon juice.

When she first started exercising she just barely made it through the first level on the Wii fit program. She kept trying and soon she was sailing through the top levels and looking for more challenging exercises.

Her self-discipline and hard work paid off and she is now nice and slim.

The other woman went on the same fit pal program that I had on my phone. She also got very strict with herself. 

She loves her junk food but if that 18th french fry was going to put her over her daily calorie limit then she would only have 17. 

I would say that I might as well round it up to 20. This is why she is several sizes smaller than she was and I am not.

Hard work and discipline are not the only things that made these women successful. 

The consequences of their actions were good results, and every time they saw those numbers on the scale go down, every time they met a goal, no matter how small, they would be motivated to keep going.

If they met a goal they celebrated, if they didn’t meet the goal they forgave themselves and started again. 

They knew their main goal would not be met overnight, they knew they would get there by making and reaching many small goals, taking baby steps. 

They knew these baby steps would get them there, it would just take a while.

They did not give up.

I think that might be the way to succeed in most things in life. 

Yes, you also need the hard work and discipline but you will never reach your goal if you give up.

I think that is something we need to remember in 2021. 

Hang in there and do not give up.


by Lois Perepelitz

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