Get the facts before judging

Regarding the sewer issues with the Morrin council, I had tried repeatedly to get council to tell me plainly if, when the sewer main was going to be replaced were the sewers to the property line going to be replaced  as well, or just the sewer main.
It was only after I had engaged a lawyer to write to the village did their lawyer reply stating the sewer and water infrastructure on 1st Avenue North would be replaced and that the sewer line would be repaired to the property line.
Had council given me this information when I requested it, a lot of my concerns would have been alleviated.
The way council dealt with my questions concerning my sewer line was to approve a motion in the January 20, 2016 council meeting not to respond to my emails concerning my sewer problems.
I challenge council to show me anywhere that they plainly told me the sewer project was going to go right to the property lines prior to my lawyer asking the question.
This is only a thumbnail sketch of what I have had to do to get to the point of my sewer line being replaced.
I hope that this letter will clear up some of the misconceptions that the issues being written and talked about are totally my fault.
Anyone who wants to get factual details (all documented) regarding my issues, please contact me before you judge me.
I also want to add that this matter is not concluded.
John Siemens
Morrin, Ab.

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