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Ricardo and Joanne Hoar

Silicon Hanna Inc. moved in Hanna in 2018, after their co-founders Ricardo and Joanne Hoar sought a rural community to raise their kids and build their games. 

Ragin’ Bull is Ricardo and Joanne Hoar’s first 3D game built using the Unreal Engine, a tool used by top game studios and taught at campuses worldwide. 

When asked how they came up with the theme, lead game developer Joanne Hoar replies “growing up in southern Alberta, Ricardo and I are both heavily inspired by cowboy culture, and one day a few summers ago we came up with the idea: wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be the bull, escape the rodeo and smash the town? 

“We wanted a game that would bring fun and a feeling of being out in the open. To allow people to let loose, you know, blow off some steam. 

“It was time to make Ragin’ Bull!”.”

Hanna’s reputation for art and community, coupled with it’s high speed internet and small town values have been a perfect and productive environment for Silicon Hanna Inc., stated in a press release.



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