Fuzzify or muddify a clear situation?

Dear Editor,

Have you noticed these days that every politician no matter what their political strip will all use the phrase “let me be clear” somewhere in their presentation.  

They use it either because they want to fuzzify a clear situation or they actually want to clear up a situation that they had previously fuzzified (or muddified). Neither word is in the dictionary but everyone understands what I mean.

Which brings me to Mr. Schwenk.  I haven’t agreed with Mr. Schwenk on more than 10 words since I was first introduced to the ECA Review a few years ago.

Mr. Schwenk is someone I would call “plainspoken”.  He says what he means and he means what he says. 

Agree or disagree, it is quite refreshing. You don’t have to wonder where he stands or what he thinks about something. 

He forces you to think about issues.  

I doubt that Mr. Schwenk has ever used  “let me be clear” in his 90 years.

Personally, I’ll miss him and PrairieView.


Darrell Trenholm

Stettler, Alta.

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