Future of Castor’s Farmer’s Market in jeopardy

To the Castor & District citizens: I have been asked at June’s Farmer’s Market and again at July and August Farmer’s Market to please write this letter. Finally, I have mustered up enough courage to do this.

I am one of several marketers who are worried about the future of the Castor Farmer’s Market. We are usually going home with little or no profit.

Several others had dropped out due to poor sales.

We cannot continue at this rate.

There are always hidden expenses for each vendor.

Kelsey Seth, the manager, is doing a great job – always trying to improve the situation.

The Castor ladies always provide a great lunch and at a reasonable price.

It is a fun market in a great building.

However, many seniors come for the lunch and a good visit, but many really do not support the market.

Not many other area residents come out to support the market.

Even though Castor’s Market is only once a month, it is really struggling.

One town had come up with a “Cash Mob” — a group of dedicated citizens who agree to spend at least $20 at the market. That was awesome!

Perhaps a similar plan can be implemented by those who value the continuation of the market.

I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone in any way as I write this plea.


Vivian Hulley,

Big Valley, Alta.

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