Fundraiser successful

McKenzie Berry and Emma Hoff
This past week Hughenden School hosted the annual fundraiser supper.  It was a great pancake supper with several students participating in a talent show.  We appreciate the support of all those who attended the supper, as well as those who supported the supper with donated items.
Hughenden Public School has been fortunate to have two student teachers.  Miss Gould is working with Mrs. Sayer and various elementary classes; and Mr. Anholt is working with Mr. Duffett and Mr. Elliott and junior/senior high students.  Sheldon Anholt was also a previous graduate of HPS.  We hope to give a very positive experience for both aspiring teachers.

An H2S course was held at the school.  We hope to arrange for a first aid course for the end of January.
This past weekend a lot of people visited the school for the annual Christmas Market hosted by the Grad Class.  A lot of Christmas shopping was accomplished and many enjoyed the delicious chili lunch also sponsored by the Grads.  The weather was perfect for Jack Roworth and Dale Roadhouse and their teams of horses to offer sleigh rides.

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