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Drama one

Drama Class students mingle during a scene performed out of their modernized play “Much To Do About Nothing” at the annual Arts Gala.

Friends and family of students took part in a night of fine food, elegant music and dramatic flare at the Prairie Christian Academy’s (PCA) 5th annual Fine Arts Gala on Thursday, April 25 in Three Hills.
Upon walking into Mount Olive Church, where the event was held, guests were greeted by soft piano music and a display of various art projects by students.
While dinner was being organized appetizers consisting of salmon mousse tartlets, tomato and basil bruschetta bites, marinated mozzarella pinchos and nutty cucumber rounds, were served by students and teachers.
Throughout the evening, parents and friends watched various band performances and drama productions with the high school choir finishing the night off.
The evening was a success according to head coordinator Teresa Schalm, who said last year only 82 tickets were sold while this year there was close to 120. The money raised will be used to help the fine art teachers’ various needs.
“We have asked each of the teachers from the fine arts department to give us a wish list. There are things from paints and paintbrushes to different kinds of paper. And artificial fruit for still life to a field trip for the drama group,” Schalm said.
Randy Wood, principal of PCA said fine arts is a very important part of a Christian school program, so they have a lot of ways students can get involved in the arts such as band, choir, photography, yearbook, drama and art.
Wood said the purpose of the event was not only to raise money but also to give students the chance to show what they can do.
“There are some expenses that really aren’t covered directly by the way school is funded so in order to enhance that program you have to bring in some addition funds. And this is one of the ways we do that,” Wood stated. “It gives a chance to showcase what the kids are able to do, parents and  grandparents love to see that, and at the same time we do some fundraising so its kind of a dual benefit.”

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