Funding grated same as last year

The Town of Bashaw approved funding from Family and Community Support Services accounts among several other important decisions at their regular council meeting Mar. 5.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller noted the provincial government committed their share of $24,554 to Bashaw’s FCSS programs.

The town’s share adds up to $6,139, which could be increased based on council’s prerogative.

Coun. Rosella Peterman stated she was in favour of leaving funding at last year’s numbers.

Camrose County also contributes just over $30,000.

The Bashaw Youth Foundation (BYF) requested $22,695 for 2020, while the Bashaw & District Support Services (BDSS) requested $45,829.02. Fuller noted both organizations provided their budget information.

Councillors eventually decided to provide the two organizations with the same funding they received in 2019, BYF with $15,000 and BDSS with $45,829.02.

Zamboni offer 

The Town of Bashaw isn’t going to give up on trying to get some revenue from their old Zamboni.

Councillors made the decision at their regular meeting Mar. 5.

CAO Fuller presented council with a report on efforts to sell the old Zamboni. Fuller stated the old Zamboni went to tender, but the town didn’t receive any offers.

As it turns out, an individual approached the town with an offer of $100 for the Zamboni and blades; she noted the individual is not a resident of Bashaw.

Fuller told councillors the town hasn’t tried any other avenues to sell the vehicle, although there are a few options.

An advertisement could be posted with details of the Zamboni and with an asking price of $500 to $1,000.

She stated trying to sell the Zamboni at an auction was another option.

Also, the town could look into selling the Zamboni for scrap metal.

Coun. Rosella Peterman asked if it was possible to contact at least one scarp dealer and get an estimate on what the Zamboni was worth.

“When they’re stealing hair dryers out of Starbucks, there’s got to be more metal [in a Zamboni],” she said. Mayor Penny Shantz agreed.

Fuller stated town staff can look into that. Staff noted at the meeting the Zamboni weighs about 6,000 pounds and the old Zamboni does technically run, but it’s a bit obsolete and they’re not sure how well it runs.

Councillors unanimously agreed to have town staff contact a scrap dealer for a quote and list the Zamboni online and report back at a future meeting.


Stu Salkeld

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

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